The Product

What makes the Orbisbox great? How does it work? Learn more about the Orbisbox.


The Orbisbox has been tested in several places, both in institutions and at Trade Fairs around the country. Read what different users have said about the hug-box.

The Orbisbox is on display in Aarhus, Denmark

OrbisBox, the portable sensing room is being used at “Kulturen sætter strøm til sundheden” at Dokk X in Aarhus
until June 1st 2022.

From our Users

“We would love to have an Orbisbox because it provides a calmness for our clients. A calmness, that they are not able to achieve without it.”

“It gives you a sense of letting go of all things negative, when I’m lying in the light, listening to music. The hugging effect keeps me collected and gives me a feeling of closeness, that I could otherwise only get from another human being.”

Development & innovation

We are consistently working to improve and optimize the Orbisbox. This is based on the feedback we get from our users. We are also developing new ideas for different types of sensing rooms.

Udvikling og Innovation