Our mission with the Orbisbox is, that every institution in Denmark has one. That being within physical/phycological handicaps, the elderly, children, and adults with both special and regular needs as well as hospitals, where the employees could use it to reenergize.

Our vision is, that everyone with the need for it, can use an OrbisBox to experience a greater feeling of wellness, relaxation, stimuli or less stimuli (shielding). People, who are not hugged or otherwise touched daily, can have some of these needs filled with the OrbisBox.

Our goal is, that by the end of 2022, at least 10 institutions should have an OrbisBox. This will greatly benefit the people who use and rely on the OrbisBox and give them a greater feeling of wellbeing.

For the past three years, our strategy has revolved around promoting and developing the Orbisbox, since it is a completely new technological product developed for all ages with motor- or psychological unease or to persons suffering from stress related issues.